FIFA 20 Mobile Download iOS / Android

The FIFA 20 Mobile is here, in this guide we will give you tutorial how to download FIFA 20 in iOS or Android. As you may know, FIFA 20 Mobile is released both Android and iOS on 24 September 2019. Different from the successor FIFA 19, on FIFA 20 is harder to control, EA makes the speed of the game slower than before which makes this game more precise and like a real-life football situation which is good although you play on mobile.

FIFA 20 Mobile Download iOS
FIFA 20 Mobile Download iOS

Right now FIFA 20 Mobile is available on iOS and Android, you can download the APK file of FIFA 20 Mobile on this page and we also give you link to download for iOS. Keep reading the tutorial below on how to download FIFA 20 Mobile on Android / iOS

FIFA 20 Mobile Download Apk Android / iOS link

Download FIFA 20 Mobile using the download button above, our smart link will detect automatically what device you are using (iOS / Android). Read more details on how to download FIFA 20 Mobile iOS / Android :

  1. Check for official site
    When you visit this site you will see a secure URL that makes sure your download is safe, doesn’t fall for the wrong site that claims free FIFA 20 mobile download.
  2. Free to play
    FIFA 20 Mobile is free to play both on iOS / Android. For Android, you will need to download the APK file, locate the FIFA 20 mobile downloaded file, and click to install. After installed you can launch FIFA 20 Mobile.
  3. Need human verification
    Don’t worry if you are asking for human verification, it is a simple step before you play. Just follow the instruction carefully, and enjoy FIFA 20 Mobile after.
  4. FIFA 20 Mobile iOS
    We upload FIFA 20 Mobile iOS into a direct link app store, just click the smart link button above and will automatically detect devices and direct you to the correct file for your devices.

FIFA 20 Mobile What’s different?

The brand new FIFA 20 Mobile feels like a totally new football simulation game, we are amazed at how developers making this game more precise and good. Although the slower pace is not everyone likes, it will make players need more passing to get a goal. It will benefit the player with more passing rather than control one player and pace through the target. For example, when you are in possession of the ball, you will feel like natural control in any direction, meaning more satisfaction when you reach a goal.

FIFA 20 Mobile Download Android
FIFA 20 Mobile Download Android

At first, you will find FIFA 20 mobile is hard to control especially when dribbling, because the more player movement the more possible you will lose the ball, but when you play long enough it will become your strategy to defeat opponents in the future.

In terms of defending you will need more strategy to defend from attacking players, it is hard now to get the ball back if you just hold one button, you also need manual defending like tackle a player. The defending system makes the game more satisfying and realistic, we also see the player reaction is authentic when the defenders chase down an attacker with a good pace.

FIFA 20 Mobile Volta and FIFA Ultimate Team 20 Mobile Mode

If you want to play street football, this is the correct mode for you. The brand new FIFA 20 Mobile Downlod Volta Mode comes to iOS and Android. In this mode you can learn freestyle football, more importantly, feels natural and realistic like the FIFA 20 Mobile gameplay itself.

The control is no different like FIFA 20 game, but it adds more tricks, smaller pitch, and of course freestyle football. With rewards FIFA 20 Mobile coins, you can customize the player with tattoos, clothing, hairstyle.

How about FUT 20 Mobile Mode?

The interesting part in FIFA 20 Mobile you also can play FUT 20 Mobile for Android and iOS. As you may know FUT 20 Mobile is a popular trend in Football games right now. Same as FUT 20, you can access Weekend League, Transfer between online players and SBC in your mobile devices.

If you want to master FUT 20 Mobile Download Android / iOS make sure to check our FIFA 20 Mobile Hack which allows gamers to get more Coins and Points in FIFA 20 Mobile. You can spend those resources to buy packs that could improve your FUT 20 Mobile squad, and unlock Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in your team squad.

Final Words…

With that being said, FIFA 20 Mobile is recommended to download right now, you can access all the mode like Volta Mobile Mode, and FUT 20 mobile download mode for iOS or Android. Remember FIFA 20 Mobile download is free, get APK and install using a link we provide above and enjoy playing FIFA 20 Mobile.